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What You Should Bring To Your Initial Visit With An Oklahoma Vehicle Accident Attorney

What You Should Bring To Your Initial Visit With An Oklahoma Vehicle Accident Attorney

  • January 17th, 2014
  • Mike Hill
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Being in a car accident can have lifelong consequences. The inability to be able to work, put food on the table, or pay monthly living expenses are just a few of the possible results of being in a car accident. When a person experiences a minor to serious injury, the impact can be physical as well as psychological. To ensure that your legal rights are protected, contact the Law Office of Michael Hill, PLLC to consult with an Oklahoma Car Accident Lawyer when you have been in a car accident. Use the following guidelines to prepare for an initial visit.

When you meet with a lawyer, keep in mind that time is money for a lawyer. Make the time you have with your lawyer efficient and productive. A lawyer is meeting with you to review your case so he can decide whether he wants to have you as a client. Show your willingness to do your part in finding a resolution on your case. When you meet with your Oklahoma Car Accident Lawyer, wear clothing appropriate for a traditional setting. You don’t have to dress in formal attire, but ensure that your clothing is not outlandish or tattered. Use your best manners and let the lawyer lead the meeting.

Before you visit your lawyer, have all client questionnaires filled out completely. A comprehensive review of your incident will help the lawyer get a better idea of what happened. Take some time to think about the small details of the accident. Write these down on a sheet of paper so you can write a summary of your accident to hand the lawyer. Bring all documents that pertain to your incident with you to the first meeting. This includes hospital records, pharmacy receipts, police records, towing receipts, pictures, and videos. If you have the names and contact information of witnesses, it’s important that your lawyer have these as well. Have another person with you during the meeting to write down important information.

Seeing an Oklahoma personal injury lawyer is the first step in resolving your car accident. If you or a loved one has been in a vehicle accident in Oklahoma, call Toll Free: 844.232.HURT (4878).

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